Guy Sun Yep

   Guy Sun Yep was born on August 8, 1923.  He lived in Hibbing, Minnesota, as a child until he was drafted into the military on May 25, 1943.  After his basic training in Springfield, Illinois, he went overseas in 1944, to North Africa and then to India by boat.  He was assigned to the 14th Air Service Group of the Flying Tigers.  The 14th Air Service Group was activated in November 1942, to support the Army Air Force Flying Tiger’s aerial operations in China.  As administrators, mechanics, engineers and electricians, the Chinese American soldiers contributed mightily to Allied success by maintaining aerial operations from airfields across unoccupied China.  Guy was stationed at several different locations in China. 

   Guy received a Bronze Star for his heroic actions while stationed in Sian, China.  On December 21, 1944, he witnessed a U.S. Army transport plane with Chinese national soldiers, military equipment, and their ammunition on board crash just after takeoff.  The plane exploded and was in flames.  The ammunition was exploding when he and two fellow soldiers rescued five of the soldiers from the crash. 

   While in China, Guy met his wife Mae Fong Lim.  They were married on October 3, 1946.  After being discharged from the military, he and his wife moved around the United States and settled in Houston, Texas.  Guy held various jobs before he opened Houston’s first Chinese import and export store.  The Oriental Import and Export Company was located on Polk in the Historical Chinatown.     

   Guy is preceded in death by his wife, Mae Fong Yep, and daughter, Gloria June Yep.  He is survived by his children:  Harding, Calvin, Lily, and Judy.  His grandchildren:  Harding P. Yep, Jewelry D. Yep, Ahnika Mar, Ryan Yep, Tiffany Yep, Andrew Chang, and Zoe Chang.  His great grandchildren:  Jordan Yep and Hayden Yep.     

The family will gather for a private burial service at Houston National Cemetery where Guy will be laid to rest.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation in the name of Guy Sun Yep to a most deserving charity.